Book - The Big book af Angel Tarot

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Book - The Big book af Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine

Information: paperback 302 pages

Blurb on the Back Says:
In The Big Book of Angel Tarot™, bestselling author Radleigh Valentine follows up his groundbreaking Angel Tarot Cards with the definitive guide to the mystical art of tarot. By removing the fear, worry and secrecy, Radleigh is reintroducing the world to this language of the Divine without diminishing any of the amazing accuracy and detailed information that tarot is known for.

This fascinating book takes you card by card through the journey of The Dreamer in the Major Arcana, describing in detail all the magical symbolism found throughout tarot. You will understand the importance of each suit of the Minor Arcana and its relevance to your daily life, as well as develop a firm grasp of the court cards by getting to know each one as though they are real people. Radeigh reveals the incredible insights into your questions and conerns that arise from various card spreads - and also teaches you how to create you own!